COVID-19 update

Dear Signet Customers:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected each of us and our businesses in an unprecedented way. Signet and our employees are following all government guidelines and are going above and beyond to protect everyone in our supply chain. While many of our employees are working from home, our warehouse team is onsite working daily to fill customer orders. The Signet warehouse team is taking multiple measures to ensure packaging leaves our warehouse germ free. See warehouse procedures below.

The Signet sales team, in conjunction with our Peernet partners, has sourced anti-bacterial products that will assist both your employees and customers during these trying times. We are working to keep your teams supplied with critical product. We also have product geared toward making it easier to work from home and to stay fit as well. Signet is extending lower pricing for these specific items to assist our customers in every way possible during this pandemic.

To the best of our ability, we are shipping products and boxes that are free from surface germs and viruses. However, we cannot guarantee the points of touch in the network through which our boxes pass after they leave our facility.

Current warehouse procedures:

  1. All packaging that comes into our warehouse remains wrapped until use.
  2. Our staff are all sanitizing hands, wearing disposable gloves, applying hand sanitizer to the gloves. These procedures are being followed receiving incoming product, picking, packing and sealing boxes for shipment.
  3. We are ensuring they leave our warehouse as germ-free as possible. 
  4. We primarily use FedEx, whose automated systems minimize touches, and we have confidence in their current shipping procedures.

COVID-19 has upended business around the world. Signet wants to do our part in supporting our customers during this time. 

Elizabeth Tate, CEO